Process data protection requests quickly

Using the cross-system customer index from TOLERANT Software, companies can check in seconds whether they know a person making a request and in which systems data on this person might be stored. The customer index helps them to comply with their duty to provide information on data protection requests.

Mr Szymanski is the name of the customer on the phone and he wants to know whether his personal data is stored in the company. The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) gives him the right to do so. According to Article 15 of the GDPR, individuals may request information about the storage of their personal data. But how can affected companies search all directories and databases in a timely manner and still take into account similar spellings? The Stuttgart-based company TOLERANT Software has developed a central customer index with which data can be searched and evaluated across systems. With the new solution, data protection queries can be processed much more quickly and easily.

Data protection request

The cross-system customer index is a central data pot in which customer master data (e.g. name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and key characteristics) from all sources, databases and directories are brought together for specific purposes for data protection enquiries. This index is then searched in an error-tolerant manner. The error-tolerant search (in software jargon it is called a “fuzzy” search) also takes into account similar spellings. The system recognises which persons could be meant even with difficult spellings and with incomplete information. When entering the search word “Szymanski”, the user is thus also presented with customer data on “Schimanski” and “Sczymansky” in the result list within fractions of a second, together with the reference to the source system. This ensures that no information is lost. The subsequent search in the respective source systems for further data and information is easy, as the hits with key characteristics have already been determined.

With the cross-system customer index, companies can be sure that they fully comply with their duty to provide information in accordance with the GDPR. With the solution from TOLERANT Software, they can provide the applicant with information in a timely manner about whether they are listed in their systems and, if so, for what purpose their data was stored. This saves a lot of research time, because a time-consuming individual search in different data systems is no longer necessary.

Data protection request

The cross-system customer index from TOLERANT Software is compatible with Windows and Linux operating systems and can also be used as a web service.

The article was published on March 18th 2021 in the online magazine Risk & Compliance Platform Europe.

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