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Equal rights for all

Data protection is considered – not without good reason – to be tricky territory. Alongside all the associated obligations, it is often overlooked that data protection can also be a success factor. Consumers today expect their data to be well protected and their wishes for data use and sharing to be fully taken into account. If you guarantee this, you gain trust, the basis for a good customer relationship.

However, this requires professional expertise, suitable business processes and technical precautions. The German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) already places high demands on the handling of personal data. In the foreseeable future, the situation will become even tougher when the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) comes into force. It is apparently intended above all to curb the big players in the market – Google, Facebook, Amazon and Co – in their data collection frenzy. In the interest of equal treatment, however, the regulations of the ordinance will be applied to all companies that handle customer data. Violations of the rules are subject to draconian penalties. It is therefore foreseeable that the administrative burden of documenting customer consent and data flows will increase significantly.

The EU General Data Protection Regulation will come into force in May 2018. Since it contains more than 70 so-called opening clauses that allow leeway for national adjustments, it is still necessary to wait for the implementation into national law. However, it is questionable whether a German law will be passed before the 2017 Bundestag elections. Without national adaptations, the regulations of the EU GDPR apply one-to-one.

There is a two-year transition period until May 2018. All affected companies should use this time to implement the EU-wide data protection and data security requirements in accordance with the law.

We at TOLERANT Software have developed solutions for two sub-areas:

With TOLERANT MPM, we offer a product with which you can store, query and, on request, completely prove the data protection declarations of your customers with the associated text modules – regardless of the point of contact or touchpoint.

For TOLERANT Match there is now a product variant available that – as unbelievable as it may sound – enables a fuzzy search on completely pseudonymized data. You will then find e.g. Mayer = Maier, although the data says “57d76217b4880879075e5da9a0681eef” or “de41609e90845d7ba009fa2c0f06265b”.

Jörg Vogler

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