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tel: +49 (0) 711 490 448 50
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> Find customers and products instantly faster

> Accurate results even in large ERP systems

> The fast search technology for more sales in eCommerce

TOLERANT Search (TL Search): Fast customer search with TOLERANT Match.

The search function that saves you time and revenue

With TL Match you can search and find data, products and customers quickly and accurately, even in large systems. In large ERP and CRM systems, for example, customer search is often a weak point that costs a lot of time. Do your field staff often have to search for customers and have to go through the entire ERP system every time? TL Match is already successfully used for this purpose and significantly reduces the search time for employees.

Accurate results with fuzzy search

Fuzzy searches with wildcards, for example, deliver inaccurate results in many systems. Not with TL Match: TL Match is also the right choice for online retail, streaming services and online rental. Improve your customers’ search experience and strengthen customer loyalty. TL Match is an interactive and intelligent search that finds exactly what your customers are looking for. Built-in features include Single Field, Write ahead and an automatic search list filter.

Precise hits even with partial information

With TL Match, you can quickly find the right customer, even if you only have fragmentary information at hand for the search. The special search technology in TL Match ensures that you find your customers or products quickly and accurately. TL Match can also combine different search options unerringly. As a streaming service, for example, your customers will in future be able to use TL Match to find the right classical piece directly by combining composer and artist.

More sales in eCommerce

The universal search technology TL Match is faster, more precise and more complex than conventional search functions. TL Match supports your customers online, mobile and on POS terminals. Your store visitors will find what they are looking for faster, more precisely and more conveniently. Show your customers what they want to buy and increase your eCommerce sales. Because when customers find what they are looking for in the store, your products also end up in the shopping cart faster.

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TL Match can do all that:

  • Fast, error-tolerant customer search even in large ERP and CRM systems.
  • Precise results and numerous search options for eCommerce, online rental, Internet applications, streaming services
  • Comprehensive search technology also for product searches with sophisticated technical names or drug names
  • Accurate hits even with wildcards, partial information, fragmentary data
  • Single field: enter all search terms in one field
  • Write ahead: Hits are displayed as you type
  • Automatic search list filter: During the search additional search filters are offered to narrow down the search


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