TOLERANT MPM Release 2.2


Notices and Warnings

New Product Features


  • TPR-11418: Minor adjustments to the shipped default match config, to clean up naming patterns and some score thresholds. This is needed when using MPM with TOLERANT Match.
  • TPR-11861: Extended the search API, to be able to return duplicates of customer relation targets.
  • TPR-12660: New simple consolidation function was added which takes into account the relations of the consoliated customers.
  • TPR-12917: The runtime was upgraded to use the latest Java security patch (11.0.22+12) and the latest nginx version (1.24.0)

Fixed Bugs


  • TPR-12669: The generated openapi schema for the HalTarget was corrected to include the method types as an enum.

Known Bugs

  • Currently no known bugs.