TOLERANT MPM Release 1.8



New Product Features

Client GUI

  • MPM GUI now supports setting of legal entity type with validity time.
  • Improved edit-view for consent texts in MPM gui: textblock state added in heading, textblock version added in list of available textblocks.


  • Inactive lookup values are now shown in the lookup values table. The tabel can now be filtered regarding this specific status.
  • It is now possible to anonymize customer related validation and error messages by setting the configuration property errors.anonymize to ‚true‘. For further information please refere to /mpmDOC/manual/index.html#_configuration_of_mpm_service.

Fixed Bugs


  • TPR-8715: Searching for a wrong country code now results in bad request and not in internal server error.
  • TPR-8724: Entries in the Match index are now deleted properly in all cases of delete operations.
  • TPR-8815: MPM now returns a bad request response if the same agreed usage was referenced multiple times in the customer consent request.


  • TPR-8692: Publishing of a consentText now archives all available predecessors in case the archive option is selected.
  • TPR-8826: Examples of the CSV files in the loader manual were corrected.

Known Bugs

  • Currently no known bugs.