TOLERANT MPM Release 1.10



  • Ef columns can now store up to 4000 characters. Please be aware that some of the ef-fields are passed to Tolerant Match. For those fields please make sure, that their content respects the constraints and limits of Match fields.
  • Both API objects CustomerHit and Customer were changed to contain more information about the matched contanct data. Inactive data are now delivered in separate lists.
  • Following views where extended to contain a new column tenant_name:
    • v_customer_name_address
    • v_customer_name_phone
    • v_customer_name_email
    • v_customer_name_address_active
    • v_customer_name_phone_active
    • v_customer_name_email_active
  • Typing error in the mpm-gui configuration was corrected. If you are using the icons mapping feature, please replace unkown with unknown in your configuration.

New Product Features


  • Member legal entities are now supported for ConsentFederation of type GLOBAL.


  • All ef columns can now store data up to 4000 characters. This change was made to the following tables:
    • consenttext
    • customer_blocking
    • customer_blocking_type
    • customer_consent
    • customer
    • customer_email
    • customer_name
    • customer_phone
    • customer_postaddress
    • externalsystem
    • legalentity
    • usage
  • Member legal entities are now supported for ConsentFederation of type GLOBAL.
  • It is now possible to use the tenant name (tenant_name) instead of the tenant_id when using Tolerant Match with MPM.
  • New endpoint was implemented to facilitate the search for customers using external key pattern.


  • MPM search response was extended to contain information about histroic matches.
  • Lookup values can now be used for the field type of a customers phone number in the customerdata view. The key for the lookup values is CustomerPhoneNumber.type.

Fixed Bugs

Client GUI

  • TPR-8022: Fixed problems with sorting logic and missing sorting options in tables.
  • TPR-9483: Typing error in the mpm-gui configuration was corrected.


  • TPR-8880: The service now tolerates, customer data being missing due to manual corrections in the database.
  • TPR-9524: Caching implementation of Match connections was changed to ensure closing connections when the cache is evicted.
  • TPR-9675: Improved error message for searches with incomplete addresse identifiers.

Known Bugs

  • Currently no known bugs.