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TL Cloud: Lean solutions for your data quality.

One access for everything you need: With our cloud services, you put together exactly the services you need and have quick and easy access to your functions with one access: Check and validate address data, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers and bank details in real time. You can automatically match sanctions, embargo and anti-terrorism lists, as well as lists for politically exposed persons (PEP lists) in an error-tolerant manner directly during data entry. You automatically enrich important business customer data and fill in missing information.

TOLERANT Software’s intelligent cloud services provide access to all important functions for more data quality. Suitable for every need, highly available and performant. TL Cloud Services – Our Data Quality Cloud services are the lean solution for:

  • A low data volume: you only need a few data matches? Then TL Cloud is the economical solution for more data quality.

  • Decentralized company structures: Especially with a sprawling branch system, agencies or branch offices, individual installations are often not the ideal solution. A cloud connection however is ideal: The data quality services are provided centrally so that everyone has access to a uniform system.

Your benefits with TL Cloud

With access to our powerful cloud services, you get a quick and direct overview of your data, can fully exploit its potential and significantly improve data quality. The benefits of the TL Cloud platform:

  • High performance and fast results

  • You have access to our high-quality and comprehensive services

  • Access is simple and cost-effective

  • Connection is fast and efficient

  • Practical and ready-to-use even at short notice: no installation, no roll-out, no lengthy set-up process

  • Immediately available, no integration or customization required

  • Documentation and logging of results

  • Plannable costs thanks to data packages that are precisely tailored to your needs

  • Access to a broad and always up-to-date databasis

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What TL Cloud can do: Seven ways to more data quality

In the cloud, we have provided you with all the important solutions and functions for more data quality. Seven different functions are available to you and work for you automatically, quickly and reliably.

1. TL Cloud PEP

Identify politically exposed persons (PEP) quickly and reliably. With TL Cloud PEP, you quickly and reliably determine which individuals are on a PEP list even before a business relationship is established. Error-tolerant matching and unambiguous results in real time, compliant with the EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive. For TL Cloud PEP and Sanction, we offer a streamlined interface that allows you to access the data efficiently.

2. TL Cloud Sanction

Match sanction lists in real time for legally compliant business relationships. Implement compliance requirements quickly and easily: As soon as you enter the data, TL Cloud Sanction reliably and error-tolerantly matches your customer data against anti-terror, embargo and sanctions lists. For TL Cloud PEP and Sanction, we offer you an optimized interface that allows you to access the data efficiently.

3. TL Cloud Business

Complete your business customer data for successful customer relationships. You know only a manager or an address? TL Cloud Business uses these data to quickly and reliably find the missing company data and completes them accordingly.

4. TL Cloud Post

Verify address data so you can reach your customers. TL Cloud Post checks addresses immediately as they are entered, standardizes address data for easy further processing and checks national and international addresses.

5. TL Cloud Bank

Check bank details directly during data entry for secure incoming payments. With TL Cloud Bank, you can check bank details quickly and cost-effectively as soon as they are entered. Missing features are added automatically. The error-tolerant bank search is also integrated and finds the appropriate banking institution.

6. TL Cloud E-Mail (in preparation)

Instantly find out if emails to customers can be delivered in the end. TL Cloud E-Mail validates e-mail addresses in real time directly as they are entered. This allows you to find out immediately whether an e-mail to the customer or prospect will be deliverable. Syntax, domain and mailbox are checked.

7. TL Cloud Phone (in preparation)

Validate phone numbers directly as they are entered. The intelligent cloud service quickly and reliably determines for you in real time whether telephone numbers are valid. TL Cloud Phone also validates country and area codes, mobile prefixes and distinguishes between mobile and landline phone numbers.

Of course, for our DQ products (TL Post, TL Match, TL Bank) we also offer dedicated operation in our cloud.

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This is how TL Cloud works

1. Book contingent
We provide you with comprehensive advice and find the right solution for you. You then book the contingent that is right for you and have it activated.

2. Get individual access
We set up your personal access via a secure connection.

3. Get started
You can access all booked services immediately. The cloud solutions take care of your data quality fully automatically and our e-mail support will be happy to assist you.

Do you have any questions? We are at your service. Contact us.

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