TOLERANT Post Release 11.1


Notices and Warnings

  • The runtime was upgraded to use the latest Java security patch (Java 8 Update 8u402+7) and the latest Jetty 9 server (version 9.4.54).
    In addition general security was improved and vulnerabilities were reduced via updates in the Java and C libraries.
  • The following features are deprecated and will be removed or replaced with the upcoming major release 12.0
    • Server- and requestlogging will be removed from the configuration and should now be configured in the webserver (product will be shipped with Nginx as default, internal reference TPR-12264).
    • Attribute titleId will be removed from <postProject> element (internal reference TPR-11258).
    • Attributes user1a, user1b, and so on will be removed from element <postProject>
    • (internal reference TPR-3424).
    • Attribute fuzzyCompatibility and mode OLD of attribute rcMode will be removed from element <postProfile> since they were outdated and never used.
    • Mode DISTANCE of attribute mode will be removed from element <postProfile> and the providing of the reference data will be discontinued. The functionality will be available via the new search mode GEOCODETOADDRESS. (internal reference TPR-10044).
    • Usage of MongoDB as a database type will be discontinued.

New Product Features


  • TPR-10279: The available metrics shown in the GUI dropdown and retrieved via the command matchAdmin.bat –local –cmd „list metric“ from commandline are now ordered alphabetically.


  • TPR-12671: It is now possible to configure the software to limit file access to the predefined TOLERANT directories. This setting is activated per default.

Fixed Bugs

Configuration and Administration GUI

  • TPR-10299: The GUI now correctly triggers the notification that requests the user to save the configuration when he navigates to another view.
  • TPR-10614: Removing certain tree elements in the GUI project settings no longer can result in a broken configuration.

Client GUI

  • TPR-10297: Fixed some minor bugs and added small usability improvements in the client GUI.
  • TPR-10327: Request history in Client GUI is now preserved when switching between Admin GUI and Client GUI.
  • TPR-10328: Request history in Client GUI now correctly displays missing parameters in list and preserves checkbox settings for used/unused input fields.


  • TPR-10423: The checkbox „Use synonyms“ now correctly triggers the synonym processing in file preview in GUI and all environment variables are now replaced when parsing the configuration from JSON.


  • TPR-10475: Database consistency check will not remove the schema name from the tablename if included to execute the check.
  • TPR-10631: It is now possible to configure a logging element, with just the filename in path.

Known Bugs

  • Currently no known bugs.