TOLERANT Post Release 3.0



  • The german manuals were updated to reflect the new product version.
  • Before this release, when DB request logging was activated, service requests were only logged to the database if either the loglevel of LOGFILE or TRACE was set to at least DEBUG. Starting with this release, the DB request logging, will always log to the database. To disable the request logging to the DB, just unconfigure the defined database in the attribute reqLogDbRef of the runtime.
  • There is a plethora of new parameters for the silent installation:
    • windowsServiceName and windowsServiceDisplayName. These are relevant for the windows installation only and can be set to change the windows service name. If they are unset, the default name (tolerant_post_service) will be used.
    • doHttps If set to true, then HTTPS will be activated for the web server (if configured) and a self-signed certificate will be created.
    • httpsPort If doHttps is set, then this will be the HTTPS port.
    • switchHTTPOff If set to true, then the HTTP port will be disabled. Only valid of doHttps is set.
    • https.password If doHttps is set, then this will be the password for the key-/truststore
    • https.hostname If doHttps is set, then this name value be used for the certificate generation (CN)
  • Windows only: During the installation, new questions will appear. If the question „Change Windows Service Name“ ist answered positively, the internal windows service and the display name for the windows service will be asked and the installer will then change the service registration scripts.
  • All platforms: During the installation, new questions will appear. HTTPS configuration can now be handled by the installer directly.
  • As the processing of a batch using mode=INTERACTIVE now stores multiple results for each search query, the profile-attribute maxResultCount should be adjusted to get the desired results. To maintain old behavior maxResultCount should be set to 1.
  • The response parameter „runtimeState“ for the administration service command request „state service“ was renamed to „serviceState“.
  • The default value for codepage attributes was changed from „ISO8859-1“ to „ISO-8859-1“.
  • The calculation of the maxMemoryUsage was adjusted to meet the memory requirement of the new address validation engine.
  • Time spent on garbage collection will be monitored periodically every 5 seconds. A warning is shown if moving average time spent for garbage collection exceeds threshold. Threshold is 5 by default or can be set with system property „tl.gcruntimethreshold“
  • A new security right „synonyms.check“ is added. They are only used by the Administration GUI on the new file validation feature.
  • A new reference database type AGS can now be used to reference to AGS database.
  • Each of the following function has now its own processing mode:
    • STABLIST: list found StaB-codes for the entered city and postal code. This mode requires a reference database of type STAB.
    • STABSEARCH: list found street, city, and postal code information for the entered StaB-code. This mode requires a reference database of type STAB.
    • AGSLIST: list found AGS-codes for the entered city and postal code. This mode requires a reference database of type AGS.
    • AGSSEARCH: list found street, city, and postal code information for the entered AGS-code. This mode requires a reference database of type AGS.

New Product Features


  • The batch process can now be started with the option –test . This activates – regardless of the setting of testmode in the configuration – the test mode and only the first  will be processed.
  • The batch process can store alternative results of the validated queries. The number of stored results for each validation-query is determined using profile-parameter maxResultCount. In order to activate this feature the profile-parameter mode should be set to INTERACTIVE.


  • There is a new attribute allowEmptyResults for the synonymFile tag. If set to „N“, a synonym replacement that leads to an empty result will not be performed.
  • Tolerant Post now supports the newest version of AddressDoctor cloud (V2) which will be used per default for a Post engine of type ADCLOUD.
  • A new post field post.Sequence was Added. This output-only field stores the order of the validation result (whether the result is the first, second … etc). The sequence number starts at 1.
  • A new post field post.ResultCount was Added. This output-only field stores for a validation query its result count.
  • A new post field post.TotalCount was Added. This output-only field stores for a validation query the total number of validation results (could be bigger than the value stored in post.ResultCount).
  • The security tool has new options to hash passwords.
  • A newer version of the address validation engine (5.7.0) was included:
    • NIS Code as an Enrichment for Belgium using Post file post.NIS
    • FIAS ID as an Enrichment for Russia using Post file post.FIAS
    • UPRN Code as an Enrichment for England using Post file post.UPRN
    • Multilanguage locality information for addresses in Switzerland
    • Validation improvements for building information in England.
    • Fixed issues address type information in Belgium
  • Validation mode CERTIFIED is now fully supported. This validation mode requires that a reference database of type CERTIFIED. New Tolerant Post field can be used with this validation mode:
    • Australia:
      • post.AMASErrorCode
      • post.AMASRecordType
      • post.AMASDeliveryPointId
      • post.AMASLotNumber
      • post.AMASPostalDeliveryNBR
      • post.AMASPostalDeliveryNBRPrefix
      • post.AMASPostalDeliveryNBRSuffix
      • post.AMASHouseNumberFL
      • post.AMASHouseNumberFLSuffix
      • post.AMASHouseNumberSL
      • post.AMASHouseNumberSLSuffix
    • France:
      • post.SNACategory
  • New Tolerant Post field stab.AGS was added. This field stores the AGS-Code retrieved from the STAB-database.

Configuration and Administration GUI

  • The Configuration of database usage for POST batch input/output can now be carried out using the administration GUI. This new feature requires that the user has both and database.check rights.
  • A new button for synonym file configuration is added. Click this new button to check the configured file for correctness.
  • For integer fields which are not mandatory sets the default value automatically when removes the current value.
  • Add field validation for the number of test lines field at the execution dialog.


  • If Post Batch is configured to use batch update when writing in a database, the following should be taken into consideration:
    • If some statements in the batch could not be executed, then the whole batch is rolled back.

Fixed Bugs


  • Bug #1300: If the installer was started in a directory called „install“, the installer deleted itself.
  • Bug #1540: The installer now checks for write-only files and disk space before installing. If a problem occurs the installer will warn about the problem, but continue.
  • Bug #2583: The installer will now check each file after the installation, if it matches the file in the installer package. In case a file was not overwritten, a warning will be generated.
  • Bug #2776: Silent installation for https failed with exception
  • Bug #2778: Installation to / fails with exception


  • Bug#2804: Admin commands may fail, if db request logging is activated for a database where an empty string is treated as NULL value (eg. ORACLE).


  • Bug #2869: Fixed wrong format of post license tool, columns were not correctly aligned.
  • Bug #1499: csv file reader has problem escaping a character if the quote character was not used.
  • Bug #2298: synonymList does not work with non character fields. The use of synonymList for a field of type D or L is no longer allowed.
  • Bug #2540: An Error is now reported if the configured exception file is not valid.
  • Bug #2620: Return-codes calculation rules were expanded to cover the case of validating addresses in Ireland using LOCALITY_LEVEL.
  • Bug #2645: If a project configuration contains errors the project state will now be „ERROR“ instead of „UNKNOWN“.
  • Bug #2659: while adding a new user, the security tool does not check if the user already exists.
  • Bug #2687: The validation result could deviate from the input when using splitHouseNoExtensions.
  • Bug #2712: The configuration failure message „mode BATCH not allowed for a TOLERANT Service product.“ was displayed two times at error case.
  • Bug #2757: The calculation of ags.AGS could return a wrong value if used with stab.StaB.
  • Bug #2758: Post-processing RULE784 has some unwanted effects.

Configuration and Administration GUI

  • Bug #270: Integer field which refers to configuration attributes which are not mandatory by dtd are no more marked as mandatory fields.
  • Bug #2541: It was not possible to change the configuration file path of a service file product instance, after changed the installation path.
  • Bug #2556: If codepage attribute not set, then an unnecessary save popUp occurred when leaving the project configuration without changes.
  • Bug #2566: Opened the project list of a service instance shows an error PopUp with a wrong failure message, in case the configuration file on service has an error.
  • Bug #2567: Administration service request which can call at service instances and needs the maintenance service state, do not work if service already at maintenance state.
  • Bug #2568: If GUI starts with an anonymous user then cannot create a new product instance from type service instance in case of security was activated for the service area.
  • Bug #2597: The wrong Batch-Process was called, if installation- and execution path were changed.
  • Bug #2599: A PopUp with an error message which tells the project is opened in read mode occurred, when edit a product instance with a relative configuration file path. This is wrong. Now the PopUp occurred not anymore.
  • Bug #2607: The login popUp was not opened if the user role have no „project.list“ right to run a batch command from execute menu at project list.
  • Bug #2611: The create, save, copy and delete project operation on a service instance writes batch only attributes to the remote configuration file.
  • Bug #2638 Textfield for matchrulecondition (with regexp) does not allow certain characters.
  • Bug #2654: The service instance cannot read a project configuration if the configuration contains a postEnginemap.
  • Bug #2683: If security is activated and a user has no right to edit a synonym file, then login popUp is shown. Clicks the user the cancel button on the login popUp, the popUp is closed, but any more click to the edit button does nothing. Now the login popUp is showed again.
  • Bug #2685: A internal error is occurred if remove a synonym file path and change the focus to another field.
  • Bug #2701: After try to create a new product instance without required rights, it is not possible to create another product instance with the same name.
  • Bug #2707: A canceled Batch process at project list view cannot restart anymore without leaving the view.
  • Bug #2730: Expanding the filepath at file selector dialog do not work in case of a new product instance, windows operation system and a TOLERANT_HOME which starts with a lower case character.
  • Bug #2731: No default value was set for the number of test lines after activate the test mode directly before process a batch run.
  • Bug #2732: Detailed view for the input and output files miscounts the line number.
  • Bug #2755: Empty delimiters are not written in the configuration file.
  • Bug #2784: File paths under windows were changed to lower case after a apply click at file selector dialog.
  • Bug #2789: File preview shows the last line twice.
  • Bug #2796: Copy a project at a service instance does not work.
  • Bug #2825: Creation of synonyms file from template fails if ‚config‘ directory is other than default
  • Bug #2826: Logging configuration in Admin-GUI leads to inconsistent configuration file
  • Bug #2827: Adding of logging configuration to Match Batch project fails in Admin GUI
  • Bug #2841: Needless menu item on service instance menu project

Client GUI

  • Bug #2704: The client GUI has a wrong dependency in its class path.
  • Bug #2733: If the system locale not German, some systems cannot read the external configuration file.
  • Bug #2858: Wrong numbering messages in English for the hit selection at juxtaposition tab.


  • Bug #2603: Reading database input for batch processes returned a row as a line with null values if corresponding columns had null values. This led to NullPointerException while processing the input for synonyms.
  • Bug #2705: In rare cases a post outputfield contained newlines which broke a CSV File when written. If the environment variable NEWLINE_ESCAPE is set to a text, then each newline (\r\n or \n) within a column of a CSV file is replaced with that text.

Known Bugs

  • Bug #2506: Wrong house number could be changed even when validated using STREET_LEVEL.


  • Please refer to the manual


  • Please refer to the manual

Archived release notes