TOLERANT Name Release 10.0



New Product Features


  • Tolerant Name now offers the possibility to send multiple service requests via one single bulk request. For details on how to use this feature please contact
  • New admin command „state project detailed“ was added to retrieve additional metrics for the given project.
  • The project state will be changed automatically to ERROR if the limit on internal errors was exceeded.


  • More errorcodes have been included to the list of codes that trigger a retry request by the Java-API.


  • Added additional parameter for admin-command „list metric“ to filter out metrics with a regular expression. Example: –cmd „list metric Steps.*“
  • All errors in the synonym-, normalize- and transliteration-files will now be reported fully by the config checker.
  • The bundled PostgreSQL database driver was updated to version 42.2.5. The driver supports PostgreSQL 8.2 or newer.
  • The memory consumption while reading from a database table was optimized.
  • The option „referrals“ is now supported in the LDAP adapter.
  • Several third party libraries have been updated to eliminate security findings.

Fixed Bugs


  • TPR-6378: Removed reference statistics for batch run.
  • TPR-7307: Normalizer and snyonym statistics will now be written to the log files after a batch run finished
  • TPR-7805: Name installation now bundles the the nameFileTest tool.


  • TPR-7830: H2-Database-Files located in the config/templates folder have been removed. The service will now create a missing database-file and the required table structure automatically. The connection check via the GUI will also create the database-file under the given file path for H2 and SQLite.


  • TPR-4450: The handling of error cases in the of the PLSQL client has been improved.


  • TPR-6325: It is now supported that the config file is encoded as UTF-8 with BOM.
  • TPR-6947: Synonym and normalizer test tools now show correct charsets in output for all languages.
  • TPR-7725: The handling of catastrophic backtracking and long running regular expressions in synonym matching has been improved.
  • TPR-7828: The WSDL-File to describe the SOAP-API is now included in the /doc directory.

Known Bugs

  • Currently no known bugs.