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Tel: +49 711 490 448 50


Release Notes 5.0

Release 5.0, 2016/06/01


  • When start the client GUI via administration GUI the client GUI is opened in a new window or tab.
  • The check for the normalizer is now stricter. The first column can only be one character or a unicode representation of a character.
  • WildcardDelete now returns list of deleted keys.
  • Using STOREONLY matchFields when autoLoad=“N“ is now allowed.
  • WildcardOperation is now allowed in combination with STOREONLY and an Original Database.
  • WildcardOperation is now allowed in cluster in combination with STOREONLY and an Original Database.
  • The Java-API for Tolerant Match uses a new version of the http-client library.
  • Changes in the administration API of Tolerant Match:
    • The result of sendAdminCommand method is stored in a java.util.Map instead of java.util.HashMap
  • The security logic for bulk-requests has changed. Each of the requests inside one bulk-requests are now checked against the security settings of the concerning project.
  • If an update to a newer Match version is executed, the old bulk-DB files have to be erased before starting the service again. Please make sure that all bulk-requests are processed beforehand. You can get a list of all bulk-jobs which are in work by executing the bulkcommand getBulkByState (see documentation).
  • A newer java virtual machine (1.8.0_92) is now bundled with the product.
  • The partitioning algorithm was slightly changed. This may affect the results if the partitioning field was poorly chosen
  • From the next major release on, the configurations will be checked for correct versions (<configuration version=“X.XX“>). This version stands for the minimum version the used product has to have to be compatible with the configuration. The shipped templates and example-configurations will automatically have the versions of the latest stable product.
  • Initial load was removed from the default service GUI templates, to avoid a default configuration with missing files.

New Product Features

Configuration and Administration GUI

  • Allows configuration check for projects and runtime of a service instance. For that use the menu item „Execute -> Validate configuration file…“ on project or runtime view. Furthermore if starting a project failed, then the project configuration is automatically checked and the check results are shown in a popUp window.
  • The synonymFile attribute „allowEmptyResults“ was added to synonym file configuration.
  • Adds the possibility to configure additional transliteration ids. Use the „Project settings“ context menu in the project view, to add a new transliteration node, which references an external file containing the transliteration id and its corresponding rules in . To add more or remove transliterations, use the context menu on the „Transliteration“.
  • A new node „Summary“ is added to the project view to configure a summary file for a batch project. To add it use the context menu on „Process“ and to remove it use the context menu of the corresponding node.
  • New sub menu „Show ReleasNotes“ for menu item „Help“ to open ReleaseNotes.html in a new browser tab
  • The cluster settings attributes „clusterNodeName“ and „clock“ are added to runtime settings.
  • A new tree node was added to service runtime configuration to activate the bulk request functionality. To add use the context menu on „Runtime settings“. To remove use context menu on the new „Bulk requests“ node.

Client GUI

  • New sub menu „Show ReleasNotes“ for menu item „Help“ to open ReleaseNotes.html in a new browser tab


  • New attribute „largeGroups“ was added to the matchMethod-element. Setting this attribute maximizes the size of the resulting SELF-groups.


  • The administration command „check configfile“ has two new parameters. „<runtime>“ which checks runtime only and „<all>“ which checks the whole configuration file.
  • Commandline tool matchInspectPagingDatabase.bat/sh uses data packets of variable size between 20KB and 8MB which realistically corresponds to packet sizes in running Match Service.
  • Initial load now checks whether backlog data exists. If so, then initial load normally fails. The behavior can be adjusted by new command line options -delete-backlog and -keep-backlog.
  • In security configuration, wild card operations (delete or getByKey) can be restricted by adding a constraint „prohibit.wildcard“ to rights „match.delete“ and „match.getbykey“
  • A new Admin Command „load project [-delete] [-delete-backlog | -keep-backlog]“ allows executing initial load while service is running. The affected project must be stopped before the command is executed.


  • Configuration checker warnings (WARNING) that do not affect the result of a process are now categorized as INFO and will not be printed on console during product start
  • The fuzzy search capability of Tolerant Match can be utilized for anonymized data:
    • The data is to be anonymized using the provided matchAnonymizer tool.
    • In order for Tolerant Match to recognize the input as anonymized, a new field of type BITARRAY was added.



  • Initial loader has been optimized and in most use cases now requires much less main memory.


Fixed Bugs

Configuration and Administration GUI

  • Bug #TPR-3501: Context menu item text to add a original database was too imprecise.
  • Bug #TPR-3377: Database connection test for H2 failed, if service was running and using the DB.
  • Bug #TPR-3385: Host name not mandatory for a non H2 database configuration.
  • Bug #TPR-3349: Synonym file check in the administration GUI shows wrong line numbers.
  • Bug #TPR-3310: Request logging database reference is reseted when deleting the referenced database.
  • Bug #TPR-3232: No client side maximum for string input fields.
  • Bug #TPR-3239: Adding a new rule after adds a new STOREONLY match field, creates a match rule field.
  • Bug #TPR-3200: The exit page of a standalone GUI has little layout problems.
  • Bug #TPR-1570: A save after editing a single or a multistring profile field without a changing of „phoneticType“, changes the „phoneticType“ from NONE to KOELNER.
  • Bug #TPR-1562: „maxScoreWeight“ field was not deactivated if phoneticType is ONLY_PHONETIC.
  • Bug #TPR-1561: Saving the configuration writes profile field attribute „disorderedScore“ if „enforceOrder“ not set and the attribute „abbreviationScore“ if „useAbbreviations“ not set.
  • Bug #TPR-1574: At service runtime the edit window for a file logging from type SERVER does not loads the console output property correctly.
  • Bug #TPR-1498: The combo boxes at input and output forms do not have the same width.
  • Bug #TPR-1399: Wrong characters at batch execution window.
  • Bug #TPR-1513: „origstoreonlydata.h2.db“ was not created automatically when adding a new service configuration.
  • Bug #TPR-1550: No validation for a match batch file output to check that at least one match output must be set.
  • Bug #TPR-565: Directory at the file selection dialog was not preselected after value change in any possible case.
  • Bug #TPR-555: The file selector dialog cannot preselect a file path which contains „..“
  • Bug #TPR-534: Could not start the client of a service instance, if domain or protocol of gui service not equals to the service domain and protocol.
  • Bug #TPR-527: Language switch does not work for IE11 if GUI is started as standalone process.
  • Bug #TPR-8: „Save & Update“ at a service instance gives no feedback about a successful save when update failed.

Client GUI

  • Bug #TPR-3242: Search field check boxes was not synchronized with the select all search fields check box.
  • Bug #TPR-3225: The check box „Select all“ was not synchronized with the single search field selection states when selecting a different project.
  • Bug #TPR-3200: The exit page of a standalone GUI has little layout problems.
  • Bug #TPR-773: No result was shown at state result tab in case of empty result data.
  • Bug #TPR-527: Language switch does not work for IE11 if GUI is started as standalone process.


  • Bug #TPR-3524: matchServiceTool does not support phonetic usage.
  • Bug #TPR-3243: Resource leak when creating full save point from many incremental save points (ORA-01000: maximum open cursors exceeded)
  • Bug #TPR-1573: A reconfigure project command unexpectedly saves the index
  • Bug #TPR-1568: The request log contained wrong URLs if https is used.
  • Bug #TPR-288: reconfigure runtime is not allowed if jetty-logging was changed


  • Bug#TPR-3336: No mapping should be allowed to internalField match.key in InputFieldMapping for MatchBatch Methods
  • Bug#TPR-3294: Wrong output for multithreaded single partitioned batch



  • #TPR-536: The synonym replacement did not work correctly if there were multiple synonym matches with different modes. Now the order of the modes is as follows: string modes win against word modes (Mode-Order is: 14 > 2 > 4 > 8 > 15 > 11 > 3 > 5 > 9).

Known Bugs

  • No known bugs


  • Please refer to the manual


  • Please refer to the manual