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Beware the Greeks bearing gifts!

Are the terrorists of tomorrow already among us? At least at some of the major automotive manufacturers, no one wants to rule this out anymore – but beware of drawing false conclusions! What the industry giants of mobility are gradually introducing, namely to screen all employees every three months, is not a declaration of mistrust in the workforce, but the consistent implementation of legal requirements.

Relaxed in times of crisis

I’m sure you agree with us that it’s good to live in a free society that can fight back when necessary. Sinister people of all kinds need to be fought, everyone agrees on that, too. But the comfort ends sooner than you think. Because the fight against terrorists and other criminals is not just taking place in a faraway war against IS, but in the middle of German offices and companies. That’s where BaFin’s task forces – i.e. auditors – march in, day in, day out, without notification and with sometimes dramatic consequences – from hefty fines and massive image damage to the loss of a license, i.e. the end of operations.