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TOLERANT products in the eleventh product generation

At last! The time has come. The new product release in version 11.0 is ready and waiting for you. After long, exhausting weeks, we have completely revised our data quality tools in a new release. You can expect a new, fresh and modern interface design across all our products.

Address and duplicate check in the eleventh product generation

TOLERANT Software, the Stuttgart-based specialist for data quality tools, has completely revised two of its tools. The address validation tool TL Post and the duplicate check tool TL Match can now be centrally managed in a portal and easily integrated into cloud environments. A modernised user interface facilitates operation.

Well-maintained data strengthens the customer relationship

Data quality products from TOLERANT Software tap the full potential of CRM systems, making AI and business intelligence applications possible in the first place.

TOLERANT Software in a Docker container

Docker is an open-source software platform that can package software into standardized units called containers. They contain everything needed to run the software, including libraries, system tools, code and runtime. You can not only create these virtualized application containers with Docker, but also deploy and manage them.

Data quality as the basis for digital transformation

The digital transformation is in full swing. It brings great benefits, but also challenges. More and more data is being collected, processed and used for analysis. To ensure that these huge datasets actually provide useful information for your company, the quality of the data is a crucial success factor.

Data migration as an opportunity

Do you remember your last move? It’s often only when you’re packing boxes that you realize how many things you’ve collected over time that you no longer need. If you plan and prepare your move accordingly, you can sort out the unnecessary and pack important things in a targeted manner so that everything is in the right place at the end.

News about TOLERANT products (05/2017)

Any software is only as good as the last update.
Here are the news about our products.

Microgeography meets Marketing

The latest extension of TOLERANT Post helps companies with location planning, target group and potential analysis. To do this, TOLERANT Post uses CAMEO data that uniquely classifies consumers based on their stage of life and wealth, across Europe.

Imperative and freestyle in marketing

At the heart of marketing is communication between providers of services or products and their potential customers. For personal dialogue with customers via digital channels, customer data plays the central role. To ensure that advertising messages reach the right recipient and that a good impression is made on the recipient through a personal, correct address, the data quality must be of a correspondingly high quality.

Bohemian villages in South Korea

If you ask corporations about their Asia strategy, China and Japan are traditionally at the forefront. The first Mercedes cardan car was delivered to Japan in 1912; China is always in focus as a market and production location, if only because of its enormous size. South Korea, on the other hand, has long been overshadowed by its neighbours. Hardly noticed by the world public, it has grown at a rapid pace: from one of the poorest countries in the world in the 1960s to one of the leading 15 industrial nations today.

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