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Oh how good that no one knows…

Personal data is a sensitive thing. We all want it to be used only for the purpose for which we voluntarily provided it. The legal framework for this can be found, for example, in the German Federal Data Protection Act and the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
For many companies, this results into an inner conflict. After all, those who meticulously comply with the legal requirements can get themselves into serious trouble precisely because of this. He or she can only manage it by providing only those data whose protection is at stake.

Beware the Greeks bearing gifts!

Are the terrorists of tomorrow already among us? At least at some of the major automotive manufacturers, no one wants to rule this out anymore – but beware of drawing false conclusions! What the industry giants of mobility are gradually introducing, namely to screen all employees every three months, is not a declaration of mistrust in the workforce, but the consistent implementation of legal requirements.

»Who am I, and if so – how many?«

This is the title of a philosophical bestseller by Richard David Precht. However, the question of identity is not just a mental game, it touches on very tangible aspects of modern everyday life. Without a clear identity, not only people get mixed up, but also databases. Duplicates are multiple entries for one and the same client in your database.