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Data from the Far East

Fast access to complete and correct data – across the world.

CRM is a business strategy that knows no bounds and that tears down not just technological walls, but also cultural walls. At a time when we think and trade less and less on a local scale and more and more on a global scale, it must be possible to adapt quality software to numerous differences in culture, language, programming, data protection and business processes.

Things that are common practice in the western world, are still in their infancy in the Asia-Pacific region. While Europe and North America
are pioneers in CRM markets, the Asian market is currently in the middle of a development phase. In China, Japan, Singapore and India,
you can observe that software is being used more and more for data entry and maintenance – and this has also involved products from European and American companies, which are penetrating the Far East markets with their products and thus bringing their existing experience with them to Asia.

If you take seriously the business strategy for good customer relationship management, you must not lose sight of the quality of the data. Correct addresses are the basic prerequisite for an effective mailing campaign, and the error-tolerant search is indispensable in the call-center if it involves finding difficult and ambiguous customer names. Until recently, European tool providers found it almost impossible to find the tools for such supporting processes on the market. It was too complicated to deal with the Asian character sets and the language barriers associated with this for Europeans.

  • For Asian markets too: Validate and standardize addresses with TOLERANT Post
  • Safely identify duplicates with TOLERANT Match for data that contains Chinese and Japanese character sets