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Advertising, precisely placed

When addressing customers, it has become de rigueur to respect people who do not wish to receive advertising when selecting target groups.

Fast and safe data entry

In CRM systems, clerks handle many processes every day where the data of new customers needs to be entered. To map this quickly and effectively, TOLERANT products offer a mode for fast data entry.

Collecting data for privacy?

Customer contact today is easier than ever – and more complicated at the same time. Because with the multitude of options, from personal sales contact via telephone or e-mail, an Internet presence or web-based social media, the complexity of data and control processes is also growing. Every player in the market needs to know how and where its customer data is stored. He or she must ensure that customers are asked whether and on which channel they permit further advertising or their data to be passed on. And he or she must respect its customers’ answers at all times.

At eye level with data protection

That the customer should be king is slightly dusty wisdom. Nowadays, it might be more the case that customers don’t want to be treated as sovereigns, but as enlightened counterparts. They know their rights, so correctness is required. It must be clear in all customer approaches that the legal standards are being adhered to.

When is contract data processing?

Minor data protection offenses were often considered venial sins until now. No one took them seriously; after all, they were hardly ever brought to the attention of the relevant authorities – and fines were few, if any.

How to avoid duplicates in Salesforce

The fact that Salesforce’s CRM software is a global success story must be acknowledged without envy – pole position on the world market, over 100,000 customers in medium-sized and large companies, that speaks for itself. But there is a certain sporting appeal in tuning the champion a little more. That’s why we’ve designed a number of tools to further enhance Salesforce’s performance. The result is called TOLERANT Salesforce Connector. This starts where performance had reached its limits so far: Duplicate checking is greatly improved, a postal check is installed in the first place, and a number of supporting functions are added when creating new records.

Beware the Greeks bearing gifts!

Are the terrorists of tomorrow already among us? At least at some of the major automotive manufacturers, no one wants to rule this out anymore – but beware of drawing false conclusions! What the industry giants of mobility are gradually introducing, namely to screen all employees every three months, is not a declaration of mistrust in the workforce, but the consistent implementation of legal requirements.

»Moving is half dying!« (Bismarck)

Fortunately, times have changed since the days of the Iron Chancellor Bismarck. Moving boxes may be as heavy as ever – but dealing with address changes is now easier than ever.

Main roads and byways

Not all addresses in Germany follow the simple knitting pattern of street, house number, postcode and town. Probably the best-known deviation is the Mannheim squares.

How are duplicates created?

Socks disappear in washing machines, duplicates are created in computers. The ghostly life of matter is probably one of the last great mysteries of existence. But while missing socks usually remain lost for all time in the orcus of the unfathomable, modern science can already understand the appearance of duplicates quite well.

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